Lee C.

“I want to say how fortunate I was to have had Hyland Schneider and their outstanding specialist, Angela Bergemann handle my recent purchase. Angela’s professionalism and attention to detail made every aspect of the transaction effortless. I would not hesitate to recommend Ms. Bergemann and Hyland Schneider to anyone looking to purchase real estate in the Prescott area.”

Theresa K.

“Angela Bergemann was recommended to us when we decided to purchase a home in the Dewey/Prescott area. She was very responsive always answering my calls, my questions and if she wasn’t available she let me know and always got back to me in a timely manner. We found the house of our dreams and she went to bat for us and made it happen. We really enjoyed working with Angela and are truly grateful for all her help and hard work.”

Curtis E.

“This group was great to deal with. Our agent Angela Bergemann was awesome. We were dealing with a seller that was very difficult. Even though it took months to get the deal done Angela never gave up or got discouraged. I Would Highly recommend Hyland/Schneider and most of all Angela and all her hard work. I can’t thank Angela and her group enough.”

Douglas E.

“I would like to tell you a little story about an Agent named Angela. My wife Stacey an I met Angela Bergemann late August in the strangest way. We had traveled to Prescott with the intention of buying a home. I had a chunk of money burning a hole in my pocket and a lender begging to cover the rest. To our dismay, we absolutely could not find an Agent to help us. We received 5 I’m to busy’s , 6 that’s to far’s, and 7 no returned calls. With no partridge nor Pear tree in sight, Stacey and I retreated to the safety of the Hassayampa’s restaurant/bar. I’ll blame it on the Jameson as I must have been stating my real estate displeasure at a volume that got the attention of our neighbors in the restaurant.

I am embarrassed to say that I can’t remember the nice couples name we met but they were also California refugees. We commiserated about our state of the State and then they did me the biggest favor. As luck would have it, they were already in escrow on a Prescott home and shared the number of their realtor. Not forgetting that they are from California, I was waiting for some sort of scam when I left my number on Angela’s voice Mail (just kidding). 8 minutes later my phone rang, our needs and emails were exchanged, and a plan to run roughshod through Prescott and the surrounding Jeep trails was put in place.

This part of the “review” is where the real lesson and value of Angela’s work comes into focus. Angela has true grit in the purest John Wayne sense and like a great western, we took her on a bumpy ride! Literally!

Angela rode shotgun in my Jeep Gladiator while navigating unmarked 4WD roads. We were literally rock crawling on cliff roads to see some of these remote properties. She never flinched and made herself available for as many return visits to get comfortable as necessary. We found a supper secluded home that checked all the boxes and entered escrow. Unfortunately, as luck would have it, we became a little scared of the supper remote life we had so fondly envisioned and enough challenges accumulated that we dropped out. Did Angela give up, no, she reloaded with a fresh batch of homes that were a little closer to town and more inline with what she had learned about our unconscious needs.

The next sudden change of events is where we would have lost even the most seasoned agent. With a second escrow bust in the eleventh hour, Angela fought for the return of our earnest money with the same vigor as Mike Tyson in his hay day! Rumor has it that she has a quick left jab as the money was returned post haste!

Now I come to the end of the story where I can honestly say, third time is a charm. Angela found us the most beautiful home to retire to and made the transaction so smooth that I’m unsure whether my participation was even necessary. Stacey and I are sooooo thankful that we met her and are blessed that she had the toughness and tools to get us into the home of our dreams despite the tough road we drove down.

To anyone reading, I will be recommending her services to all my friends and family. You have a real hero here that takes care of her clients best interests all the way over the goal line!

Thank you Angela!!!!”

Sharon K.

“We were hooked up with Angela Bergemann at Hyland Schneider. Angela was amazing!!! We are not Prescott residents (yet). In spite of not being in town, she helped us find our dream home and did not tire from the moment we converged on a house, and was attentive to the last detail throughout the process. She navigated the offer process with skill and tact, and her sound advice was instrumental in having our offer being selected from multiple offers. She was prompt, professional, and a real pleasure to work with. If I could give her 6 stars I would.”

Maggie C.

“In early August we were fortunate enough to meet Angela Bergemann who, from the moment we enlisted her help in the search for a perfect home in Prescott, up until September 9th when we closed on our new house, was nothing short of spectacular! She could not have been more helpful, kind, and professional. Angela helped us navigate a very short timetable, found us a fantastic real estate agent in Long Beach to help with the sale of our home in California, and was with us every step of the harried and often stressful time. She made herself available throughout the entire process, spent endless amounts of time showing us houses, worked closely with our California Realtor, assisted with the entire selling and purchasing process, and gave us terrific referrals for contractors and professionals to assist with projects here in Prescott after we closed on our new home. We would highly recommend that anyone in search of a home here in the Prescott area turn to Angela Bergemann for a professional, competent, and hard working agent!”

J Day

“Angela Bergeman represented us as we searched for the perfect home. She was extremely responsive, has great attention to detail, pays attention to what the buyer is looking for, is HONEST, which goes a long way with us. She goes the extra mile, i.e., did a video walk-through of a home and sent it to us in CA, more than once. Angela is sensitive to what her clients need and want, and she demonstrates that very important quality. We found her through a referral. We highly recommend Angela.”

Sheilah B.

“Angela, I certainly want everyone to know how pleased my mother and I have been with your handling of selling my parent’s home of 30+ years.  From the time I met with you I felt comfortable with your professionalism.  You “read” me correctly and knew I had never dealt personally with the selling of a home.  You explained everything and walked me through how to “stage” the home. My friend and I went to work and you stayed closely connected, as we also dealt with roof damage due to the hail storm and coordinating the sale with the estate sale services, which we would be needing.  You helped me in dealing with the insurance agent, going “above and beyond” to assure the transition, which had to be done from California.

I also felt comfortable that you sought the counsel of your team when you wanted to make sure you were providing the right answers to questions.  You were willing to speak with other family members I asked you to talk to, I was given your name as a person who would do an excellent job in selling our home.  I have not been disappointed.”

Ann F.

“Our transaction was not run of the mill. We bought the house off the internet without ever seeing the house in person. When we arrived from Washington state after closing, the house exceeded our expectations! Angela went above and beyond and handled everything. We had a FaceTime showing, a Facetime inspection and a FaceTime final walk through which Angela handled with ease. We also had mortgage financing and interfacing with the title company which Angela helped us navigate. If you want your transaction to go smoothly you need to chose Angela.”

Connie P.

“Angela is a focused, can-do, go getter committed to maximum price for her sellers and maximum value for her buyers. She incorporates a pleasant persona with tactful candor which allows her to exhibit measured confidence in her professional mission to serve the needs of clients. We strongly encourage potential buyers and sellers to contact Angela and begin a memorable journey with a highly motivated, ethical, and industrious real estate professional. We’re confident your experiences with Angela will be as enjoyable as was ours.”

David F.

“It’s been a pleasure working with you Angela! If more people were communicators like you, it would be a better world!”

Malinda S.

“I took a chance on Angela being a brand new agent and I was not sorry. I think she grew as an agent as we worked through some issues with a first time potential buyer. She is proactive and actively works with buyers making sure they have all the information they need, while at the same time talking them through all of their concerns. I would recommend Angela to anyone considering listing their home in the area. She has lots of positive energy and is quick to respond to calls or emails. Just do it! She will work hard for you.”

Deborah F.

“David and I are grateful for all the help you assisted us with. We are happy to be in our new home as well as our two fur babies.”

Barbara H.

“Angela stepped up to the plate and hit a home run for us! The purchase of my son’s home was a bit more complicated than most as he was interested in buying a home in another state, the home was being sold “by owner” (meaning there would not be a seller’s agent that Angela could work with) and she was working with my son and I who were located in different states.
Angela immediately put us in touch with a mortgage specialist who quickly pre-qualified my son for a loan. Buying a home directly through the seller was a new experience for us but Angela communicated very well with the seller, made sure everything was done properly and thoroughly, and kept both my son and I in the loop by answering all questions that came up. She made sure everything was moving along on schedule and coordinated “behind the scenes” with all the professionals involved which resulted in a very happy ending to my son’s home purchase. I definitely believe you will be in good hands with Angela and that she will deliver equally happy results for you too!”

Diana S.

“Thanks for all your hard work!”

Ted B.

“I live in California, bought a house in Arizona with help from Angela via my mom. Both of them are in Arizona. I never met Angela in person, but she sure helped us with the process. Anytime I needed to sign a document, Angela had it sent to me right away electronically. That was a big help, since I was out of state.”

Barry F.

“Very supportive during a unique search process!”